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☆ Starless N I G H T

砂月 [ シェイレン ]
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Well... I don't like to talk about my life, but I'll try to do my best.

My passion is the music, and currently I'm obsessed with Visual Kei. I LOVE bands like alice nine., 176BIZ, Rentrer en Soi or Phantasmagoria.

On the other hand, I love differents arts, like drawing or graphic design, and I'm allways triying new things.

Like you can see, my english is really bad, and I want to improve in the languaje, but I need more free time to do it-

And... well, I have a lot of dreams, but my star dream is learn to play bass and be a member of Visual Kei or Metal band. My idols are Kisaki, Tara and Saga ☆
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